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Model Complaint Form

For communications under:

Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Convention against Torture, or
International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Please indicate which of the above procedures you are invoking: 1 and 2
Date: 10 July 2009

I. Information on the complainant:

Name: Wu Mei De                 First name(s): Richard

Nationality: Chinese                                           Date and place of birth: 1st March 1957, Shanghai, P.R. China
Address for correspondence on this complaint: Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Service, Male', Maldives

Submitting the communication:
On the author’s own behalf: yes

On behalf of another person: ………..

[If the complaint is being submitted on behalf of another person:]

Please provide the following personal details of that other person

Name: ………                      First name(s): ………..
Nationality: ………            Date and place of birth: ………..
Address or current whereabouts: ……….

If you are acting with the knowledge and consent of that person, please provide that person’s authorization
For you to bring this complaint …………
If you are not so authorized, please explain the nature of your relationship with that person: ………………
And detail why you consider it appropriate to bring this complaint on his or her behalf: …………..

II. State concerned/Articles violated

Name of the State that is either a party to the Optional Protocol (in the case of a complaint to the Human
Rights Committee) or has made the relevant declaration (in the case of complaints to the Committee against
Torture or the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination): Republic of Maldives

Articles of the Covenant or Convention alleged to have been violated:
The International Convention against Torture: Article 4, Article 5 (3), Article 7 (3), Article 13, Article 14 (1, 2), Article 15, Article 16 (1, 2), Article 22 (5, 8)
ICCPR: Article 7, Article 9 (1, 2, 4, 5), Article 10 (1, 2a, 3),

III. Exhaustion of domestic remedies/Application to other international procedures
Steps taken by or on behalf of the alleged victims to obtain redress within the State concerned for the
Alleged violation – detail which procedures have been pursued, including recourse to the courts and other
Public authorities, which claims you have made, at which times, and with which outcomes:

  1.1-From November 1993, up to April 1997 I have sent 72 letters to the President of the Maldives Mr.  Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to complain someone in his government misuses the power of government to arbitrarily imprison me. I only got one reply from the president’s office in January 1995 saying that the president was not the person who imprisoned me, I have to contact with the person who imprisoned me for finding the solution.
  1.2- From 1997 up to January 2009 I wrote uncountable letters to all concerned authorities in the Maldives. I only got very few replies which have no progressive improvement for my issue. All my files of those written documents were taken by the force of authority.
 1. 3- Chinese Government has tried several times to find a diplomatic solution for my issue since 1994. But all failed to work out due to the very unfair and deceptive policy of Maldivian government in dealing with my issue.
  1. 4- In August 1998 during SAARC summit meeting in Sri Lanka my issue of arbitrary detention has been internationally brought up to reach  an agreement on domestic settlement. But it failed to carry out in October 1998 as it has agreed in the meeting because of deceptive policy and practice of the government in my issue.

                If you have not exhausted these remedies on the basis that their application would be unduly                prolonged, that they would not be effective, that they are not available to you, or for any other Reason, please explain your reasons in detail:

2.1- look back the history of my issue from November 1993 up to February 2009 all domestic remedies of Maldives have been proven unduly prolonged and were not effective and very unfair to address such a serious issue of systematic rights abuse in Maldives.
 2.2- the way of carrying in out my arbitrary releasing in February 2009 cause me to believe that the policy of the new government of Maldives’ also never wanted to stand for justice in my issue. 
 2.3- My communication with the Home Ministry of Maldives from February to June 2009, clearly proven that the justice would not be served in my issue within domestic remedies of Maldives.

Have you submitted the same matter for examination under another procedure of international investigation? or settlement (e.g. the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights, or the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights)?

3- The case of my long arbitrary detention in Maldives has been submitted to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by Chinese Government in May 2003.
 If so, detail which procedure(s) have been, or are being, pursued, which claims you have made, at which times, and with which outcomes:

4.1- The case of my arbitrary detention in Maldives submitted to the ICJ [International Court of Justice] by Chinese government in May 2003 was under the procedure of ICJ that a state may take up the case of one of
its national and invoke against another state the wrongs which its national claims to have suffered at the hands of the letter, the dispute becomes one between states.
4.2- The ICJ investigation began on 13th June 2003 with a team of 7 members came to Maldives by a UN special flight. The investigation was co-operated with the Law Committee of the Maldives progressively.
4.3- First stage of ICJ investigation was completed on 21st July 2003 with a report. It ascertained that I was fully innocent, without any legal base was put into prison of Maldives since November 1993 after I filed a case in Maldivian Civil Court in September 1993 for a business dispute against an influential Maldivian national who was a former cabinet minister.
4.4-The second stage of ICJ investigation began in August 2003 to investigate on 22 subjects related to my issue with reinforced about 25 more new members into the ICJ investigation team.
4.5-The ICJ investigation was stuck in September 2003 by a political deception of creating bleeding tragedy in Maafushi Jail of Maldives through shooting prisoners for stopping ICJ investigators from coming inside of the Jail to get  slow poison evidences from me inside of the jail. Pending period of ICJ investigation was given for periods of one year before resuming it again.
4.6-During the pending period of ICJ investigation, China, Maldives and UN together has formed a special international committee began to work on a settlement of my issue from June 2005 under the propose of Maldivian President Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, that  to settle my case without resuming ICJ investigation in the reason of avoiding long waiting of my issue for process of the Democracy Reform in Maldives, under the condition of if I  would be willing to accept such settlement, without being forced. The committee gone through a procedure of checking the records of Maldivian government, Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka and UN first stage investigation report to finalize a UN Court ruling of settlement that Maldivian government has to compensate me with US$300,000.
            I could not accept  this unjust outcome influenced by political powers without investigate directly on me, the victim of this grave systematic human rights abuse, to  find out  what have really happened to me during  over 15 long  years  of  arbitrary imprisonment in the foreign country, specially on the subjects of : how I was arbitrarily imprisoned for the first time and second time, what the government has done  before arbitrarily put me into the prison, what kind of  serious  crimes of brutal and inhumane physical torturing, slow poisoning and ill-treatment I have been subjected from time to time throughout  over15 long  years arbitrary imprisonment in Maldives, who should bear the legal responsibility for  large number of my legal and personal documents being taken away by the government of Maldives which will cause serious consequences for me,  how much slanders have been creating and  releasing by the government  against me since the very beginning days of my illegal imprisonment and how badly it has been affecting to the life of my family in China and to my life while I was in the prison and out from the prison, how much  will affect to my life and the life of my family in future,  the despoiled  rights of my affected life and the life of my family in China did not being taken into consideration in the settlement for the redressing of the consequences, what would all of this could effect to rest of my  life in future?… while international human rights standard has rules to consider on such redressing.
          I declared my stance to Chinese delegation that came to see my point of view over this issue on 17th July 2005, Chinese Central Government officially informed Maldivian government on 20th July 2005 that my issue has to be investigated through resuming ICJ procedure as me, the victim demanded.
4.7- The government used detailed excuses to prolong the pending period one after another.On 4th May 2006 an agreement for the dead line of the pending period of my issue was signed between UN, Maldives and China.
4.8- After the dead line of the pending period was over, on 4th May 2007, a UN special investigation team came back Maldives by a UN special flight to resume investigation of my issue. But the government of Maldives used its full power to stop the investigation from being resumed, even through practicing international corruption of buying over a director level officer in April 2008 from UN Human Rights Commission.
4.9- In February 2009, I was subjected to arbitrary releasing during an ongoing medical treatment in the Hospital. The arbitrary releasing tried to change the legal ground of international court case to reach officially closing the ICJ case of my issue.

IV. Facts of the complaint

Detail in chronological order, the facts and circumstances of the alleged violations. Include all matters
Which may be relevant to the assessment and consideration of your particular case? Please explain how you
Consider that the facts and circumstances described violate your rights.

**I was subjected to arbitrary detention since November 1993 for stopping me to run a civil court case of business dispute which I sued against an influential Maldivian national in September 1993.

**The Government wanted to put high pressure on me to leave from the case and go. Therefore I was subjected to so many detailed inhumane torturing and ill-treatments throughout more than   15 years of my arbitrary detention in Maldives. These can be proven by many witnesses and evidences when the investigations begin.
**Large number of my personal belongings and legal documents and evidences were taken by force of authority.
**I was subjected to arbitrary releasing in February while I was undergoing a medical treatment in the hospital. The government refused to follow proper legal procedure before releasing me as I demanded in writing to them and the government carried out the arbitrary releasing in the same way as how I was subjected to arbitrary detention more than 15 years back.

**After UN sent an official opinion to the government of the Maldives on 6th May 2009 regarding the government has to compensate every of my losses including the loss of my investment in the Maldives caused by long term illegal imprisonment in Maldives. The government began to put more pressure on me in order to force me lodging the settlement of my issue within the court of the Maldives. I was cut off from providence of every basic need from the government including the food.

**I was subjected to slow poison since very beginning days of my long illegal imprisonment in Maldives back to 1993. I strongly believe that some strange death of prisoners was killed by the government through slow poison. Especially on the case of Ms. Soda who strongly died in prison in August 1994. Such a crime of systematic rights abuse against prisoners has to be investigated internationally. Throughout over 15 years my arbitrary detention in Maldives I discovered more than 20 different slow poisonous substances were used on me in different occasions and large number of prisoners were slow poisoned with me in the same cell or in same area.

**I did my first complaint regarding slow poisoning to Chinese government in October 1996 as soon as I discovered I was slow poisoned. Chinese delegations especially came to visit me in jail for this issue after my complaint reached.

**I did my first international complaint regarding slow poisoning to international community in October 1997 when I realized the president of Maldives should bear accountability for slow poisoning me. Since internationally began to inquire on this issue, I was put into isolation cell for that I have to accept giving a statement to say that  I have never been slow poisoned in Maldivian Jail. Because I rejected giving such a statement, I had been pressured by stronger slow poison to reach the government’s target. Finally I ended up with a serious stomach bleeding on the mid night of 31 December 1997 (1st January 1998). Many prisoners can be provided as witnesses.

**The government officially admitted to UN on 24th February 2005 that I was slow poisoned, during my time spending in Maldivian jail. But the government still did the same on me after their admission. I have the latest evidences of slow poison to prove that I was slow poisoned even in 2008.

**Large numbers of my slow poison evidences were taken from me by force of authority which many witnesses can be provided.

**I am still keeping some evidences of slow poison underground inside of the jail. I will bring it out only in front of international investigators.

**I have been subjected too many physical torturing in the jail. The most serious cases are:
On 1st February 2000 I was beaten by six security personnel in the jail up to my brain was shaken, I lost the ability of my body balance. An international action was taken at that for my life safety.

**I was beaten by seven ESG (Emergency Supporting Group) personnel in jail on 14th January 2008. It was the worst physical torturing I ever suffer in my life.  The detail information of this incident of torturing was provided in my report titled The Crime of ESG that published on my blog(

       I have been subjected to so many ill treatments and degrading punishment throughout over 15 years of my arbitrary detention in Maldives. Few samples are given here:

1. I was continuously kept in an isolation cell in Maafushi prison of Maldives by the order of  the present Mr. Maumoon for 14 months (from September 2002 to November 2003) and gone through many unthinkable hardships such as slow poisoning and inhumane treatments that  I was not allowed to have a haircut and nail cut for more than 10 months by the order of the President of Maldives. I was cut zero of my head by the guards.
2. I used to be denied or there was a long delay for my medication through excuses of all kinds on many occasions. This can be proven by a large number of witnesses.
3. On 30 May 2006 the authority used reason of a new open area of unit 2 would not allow to prisoners to use any personal dresses other than jail uniform and took away everyone's personal dresses. Later on the jail administration was unable to maintain within every 3 days (72 hours) to change prisoners' uniforms and began to return to prisoners their own dresses. But I never got any of my clothes back. I was rejected by making one reason after another and therefore I often suffered from one week to ten days without change of clothes.
4. I was kept in an isolation cell for 41 days since 3rd of August 2008. I was not provided most of the basic living needs as the other prisoners in isolation cells. Even without providing me soap and toothpaste for more than a month, without providing me a change of clothes for 41 days in the isolation cell. But at the end the jail administration tried to pressure me to sign that I was kept in the isolation cell for only 10 days as what the rules used to show to international human rights organizations.
5. More than 50 of my personal diary books were taken away by the authorities from time to time. About 20 of my files with documents were taken away, four wrist watches, five Chinese - English dictionaries, large number of my religious books, other reading materials and all kinds of daily usage items were taken away by force in different conditions.

Author’s signature: …………

[The blanks under the various sections of this model communication simply indicate where your responses
Are required. You should take as much space as you need to set out your responses.]

V. Checklist of supporting documentation (copies, not originals, to be enclosed with your

- Written authorization to act (if you are bringing the complaint on behalf of another person and are
not otherwise justifying the absence of specific authorization): ……..
- Decisions of domestic courts and authorities on your claim (a copy of the relevant national
legislation is also helpful): ……..
- Complaints to and decisions by any other procedure of international investigation or settlement:
- Any documentation or other corroborating evidence you possess that substantiates your
description in Part IV of the facts of your claim and/or your argument that the facts described amount to a
violation of your rights: Please find attached Amnesty International's 2000 Report (Maldives). Communication between me and Ministry of Home Affairs, Maldives, all were published in my blog :

If you do not enclose this information and it needs to be sought specifically from you, or if accompanying

Documentation is not provided in the working languages of the Secretariat, the consideration of your complaint maybe delayed.

Amnesty International Report 2000 - Maldives
Publication Date
1 June 2000
Cite as
Amnesty International, Amnesty International Report 2000 - Maldives , 1 June 2000, available at: [accessed 24 July 2009]

Amnesty International Report 2000 - Maldives

Republic of Maldives
Head of state and government: Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
Capital: Male
Population: 0.3 million
Official language: Maldivian Dhivehi
Death penalty: abolitionist in practice

As in previous years, the government failed to provide credible information about the situation of political prisoners. Despite AI's efforts, there was no contact from the government. There were continued reports of torture and of official cover-ups to protect the perpetrators.


Parliamentary elections were held in November amid reports of suspected irregularities. Political parties were not allowed to function.

Lack of government response

The government remained silent about the situation of Richard Wu Mei De, a Chinese national detained without due process of law since November 1993 at the instigation of a Maldivian national whom he tried to sue for irregularities in a business partnership; government connivance in the detention was suspected. His detention was declared arbitrary by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

Political prisoners

Possible prisoners of conscience continued to be held. Among those believed to be held were Hussain Shakir, Ibrahim Nusthafa and Mohamed Rasheed, reportedly detained since early 1996 in connection with a demonstration about electricity price rises on Fubahmulaku Island.
Political prisoners were detained on the prison island of Maafushi, in Dhoonidhoo detention centre and in police stations. They reportedly included a parliamentary candidate detained after an argument with a rival candidate with links to the government.
Ten people from Faafu Magoodhoo were banished, reportedly without being tried or sentenced, for seeking to organize a demonstration against the local Atoll chief.

Health concern

There was continued concern about the health of Ismail Saadiq, a businessman arrested in June 1996 for alleged fraud, who was reportedly denied medical attention. In June, for example, he was transferred to Dhoonidhoo detention centre where he was reportedly held in a small cell, denied appropriate food, and prevented from receiving a scheduled blood transfusion. Three weeks later he was transferred to house arrest, reportedly after he fell ill and after he had signed a declaration that he would not seek contact with the outside world. Ismail Saadiq continued to claim that his prolonged detention was politically motivated. During his trials, he was reportedly not allowed to appoint a lawyer and was denied adequate time or access to documentation to prepare his defence.


Information emerged indicating that many inmates in Gamaadhoo prison were subjected to various forms of ill-treatment after a fire which burned down the prison. According to reports, security guards beat some prisoners who were tied to palm trees. A former detainee at Dhoonidhoo stated that prison guards regularly beat prisoners, at times on orders from the senior warden.
Copyright notice: © Copyright Amnesty International


The Crime of E S G

By:      Richard Wu Mei De
From:  F--6 / Unit--2, Maafushi Jail, Maldives
Time:   February 2008
          A serious crime of brutally torturing prisoners by a newly established force in Maafushi Jail of Maldives named Emergency Support Group [ESG] is frequently taken place in Maafushi Jail since November 2007. I have been subjected to such brutal physical torture on 14th January 2008. Such systematic rights abuse would have to be rooted out following serious consideration of international diplomacy.
           At 6:00 pm of 14th January 2008, we three prisoners who were in the cell of F-6/Unit-2 in Maafushi Jail had been told to come out from the cell for a work of fixing a fan in the cell. It was only for waiting outside of the cell door during this short time’s work, a member of ESG put hand cuff on me so tightly that the hand cuff cut into the skin of my right wrist.
            On the spot, I complained against such extreme unreasonable tighten way of putting hand cuff on me. I resisted letting him to put hand cuff on my left hand before losing the extreme tightness of right hand. Then other three ESG men came up there together put hand cuff on my left hand and brought me to their team leader who was in Unit-2 area at that time.
           I explained to the team leader how the problem arise as it was due to the extreme unreasonable tight way of putting hand cuff on my right hand. He replied me that it was not a problem. He only changed my hand cuff from front side to back side and ordered to keep me behind a building. Then he took out his mobile phone to contact the jail office for this. I realized that this extreme tight way of putting hand cuff on me was a well designed trick for reach something ales.
            Shortly after, a senior ESG officer named Amvaru headed a special ESG team of six members to bring me to isolation cell area by a van. I was tortured inside the van. After the van reached there, my body was being drugged on the flour with my hands being cuffed behind me.
            I was putted on a finger cuff behind other than a hand cuff since waiting for opening the gate of  C- area of Unit -1. I was tortured during the waiting time. After they brought me to inside of C- area of Unit-1, I was subjected to the worst physical torture which I ever suffered in my life both in dressed and naked state. I received so many cuffs and kicks all over my body, on my face. My head was hit on a wall repeatedly by someone pushing hardly from behind. The torture caused so much swellings and bruises all over my body, on my face and head…Such condition I have only seen from the photos of Even Naseem and Hussain Solar, those prisoners who were tortured to their death in prison of Maldives.
           Four days later, the in charge of isolation area [Unit-1], informed me that I should be in isolation for 30 days before send me back to Unit-2. The purpose of keeping me 30 days in isolation cell might be as to recovery my swelling and broses caused by the hit, since such hitting swellings and bruises can naturally going off within 30 days time. In such a case no one of prisoners can witness to prove the extent of how I was tortured. But the extreme tighten putting hand cuff on me and beating me up on the point where the hand cuff was, has caused three traumatic bruises cannot be removed from the skin of my right wrist and there is great possibility of the bone of my right wrist was broken or creaked. This can prove the extent of how I was put hand cuff and how I was beaten up without the witnesses.
            I met the first person who had been tortured by ESG was prisoner named Aness, when I was strangely brought from A-2,Unit-1 to F-6Unit -2 by ESG on 6th January 2008 while I was ready to shift from A-2,Unit-1 to the B-area of Unit-1 as the in charge of Unit-1 at that time Mr. Shakel has informed me.
           I met the second person who has been tortured by ESG was prisoner Ali Amzan when he was brought to F-6 of Unit -2 after he spent 9 days in C-2 Unit-1 as a punishment of isolation.
            Both of them were put finger cuff from behind other than a hand cuff during they were tortured. Both of them were tortured by electrical shocker as addition to the cuffs and kicks. Aness was tortured behind a building in Unit-2 before brought him back to the same cell of F-6 of unit-2. Ali Amzan was tortured in C-area of Unit-1 and spent 9 days in C-2 of Unit-1 as a punishment of isolation before brought him to F-6 of Unit-2.
            Many prisoners have been subjected to similar torture like both of them. Ali Amzan and a number of other prisoners were cut zero of their heir by force of ESG while there is no rule in the jail to limit the length of prisoner’s heir.
            After I have been kept in isolation cell of C-9 of Unit-1 since 14th January 2008, I came to know that there were so many prisoners had been tortured by ESG since November 2007. Some of them were brought from other areas of the jail to C-area of Unit-1, like me. Some of them were directly brought from Male to Jail; Some were tortured once more than one hour, One of prisoner named Zabir Ahmed was tortured by ESG repeatedly for seven times within a period of two and half months.
            During a period of 30 days I spent in the isolation cell of C-2 Unit-1, I have several times heard the voices of torturing prisoners those who came to C- area of Unit-1 after me. Even after an international action for ESG torturing prisoner was taken on 23rd January 2008 and Maldivian Home Minister came to the Jail for settling the problem of ESG torturing prisoners on 9th February 2008, at the same evening of the Home Minister came, I have heard the voices of a prisoner was tortured inside of C-area of Unit-1.
             The extent of torturing was instructed by the Jail administration. The ESG only acted as the tool of torturing to carry out the order of the jail administration.
             During beating up prisoners, ESG used to ask the prisoner who was being tortured about “SIZE”. They often announced that the size of prisoner is zero; the size of ESG is unlimited. They have been empowered to beat any prisoner, at any time, any place, in any manner they liked. ESG does not need afraid of doing anything to prisoners; the prisoners have to accept whatever ESG do to them without saying a word. ESG wants prisoners to justify this” SIZE’.
            It happened: ESG took out some prisoners in B and C area of Unit-1 in the middle of night only for beating them up.
            It happened: ESG went into a cell in Unit-2 in a night to beat up a prisoner who was along in the cell, while the prisoners in nearby cells could hear the voice of beating.
            It happened: ESG beating up a prisoner inside of the Jail Medical Centre in the presence of a foreign doctor and some other medical men. The doctor and medical man have to turn their faces from seeing the beating, but ESG was not afraid of committing crime of beating up prisoners in front the doctor and medical men.
            The government used to go through various ways to enlarge the “size” of ESG and raising them up to a special position.
            ESG used to recue its new members from remote islands for avoiding its members may afraid of prisoners to take revenge on their family after ESG beating up prisoners.
             ESG is neither Police force nor police star force, but they have been empowered to use some new equipments which I have never seen the police force or the police star force used on prisoners during my past 15years imprisonment in Maldives, such as finger cuff and electric shocker…
             On 19th January 2008, when a new batch of ESG has completed their training, the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Abdulla Kamaludheen, the Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr.Abudlla Riyaz, the Special Adviser of President Mr. Umru Zahir came to the jail to attend the ceremony of presenting the certificate of ESG membership to the new batch. This indicated why ESG has such special position and “size”, why ESG is not afraid of openly committing crime of beating up prisoners.
            Government used to provide ordinary member of ESG with monthly salary as high as 8000 MRF and some other benefits, provide officers with of ESG with much higher payment and some other better benefits according to their position to attract them willingly doing such brutal dirty work for the need of the government.
            According to ECG members, the very high monthly salary for the head of ESG Mr. Mohamed Hushan is just a very small part of his detailed ways of making money from his position. From that recently Mohamed Hushan invested millions to built two big good standard fishing boats which are far from possibility in his legal income can do so.  His few corruption cases were widely talked in the jail by both government’s staffs and prisoners:
            In the middle of 2006, the International Committee of Red Cross donated some TV sets for Unit-2 area prisoners to have a TV program which was organized and promised at that time. But the prisoners have never gotten those facilities. Mohamed Hushan took those TV for his personal gain.
            A good amount of 23.000 MRF for staffs who doing some extra work was eaten by Mohamed Hushan, large number of staffs together signed a petition for this issue. But Mohamed Hushan did not face problem for these staff’s money, the staff who signed petition were facing problem from him.
           The government has arranged for the family of Mr. Mohamed Hushan to live in abroad and also Mohamed Hushan can spend his holiday in abroad with his family, In such a way the government insure the boss of torturing has no worry of any problem may come up to him for doing this brutal dirty work. By providing him with all those special arrangement, ever if any legal problem might come up, Mohamed hushan can easily escape from the county with enough money and safety of his family.
          President Maumoon empowered Mr. Mohamed Hushan and a group of former National Cadet Corp to take over the main position of administration in Maafushi jail in January 2006 for carrying out his new deception of killing me under the guise of other then the government killing me. Because UN made the President Maumoon has to take full legal responsibility for my life safety during the pending period of UN investigation of my issue.
           Though President Maumoon has tried so many deceptions to get rid of me which is the only possible chance for him to escape from facing justice, but all failed to success.
            President Maumoon could not word off the investigation of UN for my issue. There is limitation for delaying of the restarting UN investigation. He has to resort new sauce and new way to get rid of me for his escape.
            As soon as Mr. Mohamed Hushan and his group took over the administration of Maafushi jail on 19th January 2006, they have tried several times, in several different ways to carry out the new deception of the President to kill me under guise of other then the government killing me.
            On 3rd February 2006 Mr. Mohamed Hushan and his group failed to success a well designed attacking on me through Maldivian prisoners. This attempt made me always keep myself no mixing together with Maldivian prisoners since then. But the jail administration through a long way recreated the condition to resort as Maldivian prisoners can attack me since the middle of 2007. Due to that situation, I wrote a letter to the Home Minister Mr. Abdula Kamaradin on 5th July 2007 and met with the chief officer of the jail Mr. Asif on 21st of august 2007 demanding to provide me condition to be safe from possible attacking like before.    
           At the night of 4th September 2007 a large force of more than 50 ESG men drugged me to A-area of Unit-1 for I was unwilling to go into the condition of mixing together with Maldivian prisoners in which the government can try to use Maldivian prisoners to attacking me under the guise of personal disagreement as what had happened in February 2006.         
           Though for drugging me to A-area of Unit-1, the government used a large force of ESG, but the government was very carefully avoiding to be blamed for physically torturing me. They used a video camera focusing on me all the time from the beginning came into the cell F-5 of Unit-2 to put hand cuff on me in behind and drugging me out until they locked me up into the cell A-2 of Unit-1.
            After I was locked up into isolation cell A-2 of Unit-1, the government denied giving me any of my personal belongings unless I would accept the condition to mix together with Maldivian prisoners.
            From 12th September 2007, government began to open the door of  all isolation cells in A-area of Unit-1 for three hours during afternoon, in the October was increased to four hours a day. I remained my cell door closed for not mixing together with Maldivian prisoners until I was taken back to Unit-2 by force of ESG on 6th January 2008 for a new way of attacking on me.
            On 19th September 2007, UN sent an official note to the representative of Maldivian government in UN Dr. Latheef for issue of my endangered personal safety and my ill-treatment in the jail. On the 21st September 2007 Chinese Prime Minister took official steps for the same problem. After that I only got few of my things back, but most of my belongings were still not allowed to give me unless I would be willing to mix together with Maldivian Prisoners.
            The international action in September 2007 and my way of stuck on never mixing together with Maldivian prisoners in my own willingness even I have to suffer much from lack of basic living needs made this new deception of using Maldivian prisoners to attack me again failed. An UN investigation team came to Maldives again on 4th May 2007 to resume the investigation of my issue after the end of the dead line of pending period. It’s clearly show the policy and determination of UN in my issue.
            The time is running out for president Maumoon to escape from facing justice. In his extreme desperate condition, he took big risk to resort ESG beating me up for scaring me away.
            The strategy of president Maumoon in taking great risk to use government people beating me up was that there is no much difference for president Maumoon in his legal responsibility of my issue when UN investigation team reaches me that so many serious crimes done to me in past 15 years will come out. The crime of ESG beating me would be only one of many. It is worth for him to take this risk trying again.
            President Maumoon first created an environment of that ESG can beat anyone, any time, in any manner they like to reach the target of beating me up  naturally. After very hardly beating me up and keeping the pressure on that I can be possibly beaten again any time by ESG. By chance may be able to scare me away. Even if cannot scare me away. President Maumoon would use the excuse of that ESG has beaten many prisoners, not specific to me only.
              In late December 2007, a Maldivian prisoner who I knew little came to A-area of Unit-1, He advised me between the bar of my cell to push up my issue of such long years illegal imprisonment in Maldives through making a hunger strike in the jail, otherwise I may have to stay another 15 years in the jail. I explained him the reason of why I would not do so.
               In December 2007, I completed the second draft of a more than 90 paged report titled: The Route of Escape to expose many hidden dirty tricks that were played by President Maumoon behind outlook of many events took place in Maldives which related to my issue. For my principle of fighting against oppression, injustice and lawlessness in issue of my long illegal imprisonment in Maldives, I decided to release the report only after the completion of constitution reform in Maldives. I informed why I would have to delay releasing the report, in writing, to the head of administration in Maafushi jail at that time Mr. Asif on 3rd January 2008 with a copy of two parts of the report.
                On 6th January 2008, I was very strangely taken from A-2 of Unit-1 to F-6 of Unit-2 by force of ESG without giving me a reason while I was ready to shift from A-2 of Unit-1 to B-area of Unit-1 as the in charge of Unit-1 informed me.
                   After I was taken to Unit-2, I came to know that there were about 227 prisoners in Unit-2 on a hunger strike since the morning. I realized that the government tried to use the opptunity of the prisoner’s hunger strike in Unit-2 to reach their target of get rid of me in one way or other under the guise of other than the government to be blamed. The purpose of trough ESG took me back to Unit-2 was for separating me from every my basic living things, not even tooth brash and changing cloths, in such a way tried to  push me to get into the hunger strike.
                My torolance on the great difficulties made the trick of pushing me hanger stricken again failed. After nine days I lived in F-6 ofUnit-2 without providing me changing cloths and tooth brush, finally the government resorted to use ESG beating me up.
                No matter how tricky excuses the government of Maldives would be made by. Anyone who has common knowledge would know that such physical torture can never happen to me without the order from the president Maumoon and through the arrangement of the Home Minister. Because all concerned administration in Maldivian authorities perfectly know that my imprisonment in Maldives is a very serious international issue which concerned by UN and Chinese top leaders. In late 1999 Chinese President and the Chairman of Chinese Parliament specially visited Maldives for my issue. In 2001, When Chinese Prime Minister came to visit Maldives during his south Asian trap; my issue was one of major issue between two governments. In May 2003 Chinese government filed a case in International Court of Justice [ICJ] for my long arbitrary dentition in Maldives. In June 2003 ICJ began to launch investigation on my issue. After the shooting tragedy took place in Maafushi Jail in September 2003, UN made President Maumoon to agree the condition for the pending ICJ investigation of my issue that I should be free from any ill-treatment and I should be provided with best condition available in the jail, during the pending period of ICJ investigation of my issue, because my innocence was proven in meeting with ICJ standard. Now a UN investigation team has been waiting in Maldives since 4th May 2007 to resume the ICJ probe of my issue. In September 2007, UN and Chinese Prime Minister took official action for my complaining of endanger personal safety and ill-treatment in the jai. On 12th December 2007, a team of UN Subcommittee on Privation of Torture and Other Form of Ill-treatment [SPT] visited the jail to examine treatment of the prisoners. During their visit in the jail, some complaints from Maldivian prisoners regarding ESG beating prisoners were made to SPT in my presence. Maldives is part of International Convention against Torture, Maldives is also one of 34 nations in the world had ratified the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture. Therefore SPT would recommend immediate change on the serious problem of torturing prisoners to the government of Maldives. SPT would came back to check the situation on the recommendation after six months. There is no way that president Maumoon can make any excuse for such torture has happened to me without his order.  
                There were some more reason to cause president Maumoon becoming extreme desperate other than UN special investigation team has been waiting in Maldives since 4th May 2007.
                 In September 2007, for responding to high pressure on forcing me mixing together with Maldivian prisoners, an international complaint was made and my report titled: The Checkmate for Mr. Maumoon with some other related documents were published internationally. This made the situation of my issue become irreversible that the issue has to be settled through the international tribunal at the end of ICJ investigation.
              In December 2007, a member of Maldivian Parliament talked about the issue of my 15 years arbitrary imprisonment in Maldives in a parliamentary session. It came to Maldivian media to become a political pressure directly threaten president Maumoon within Maldives.
              The government came to know that I am going to release the report of The Route of Escape as soon as the work on constitution amendment is completed.
              Though I have been subjected to several physical tortures in past 15 years arbitrary imprisonment in Maldives, but this time is the worst of all. After 30 days I spent in isolation cell, there was a blue bruise in size of three ages still did not fully go off from the up part of my right leg. A number of prisoners in Unit-2 were willing to witness for what they have seen on the up part of my right leg when I returned back to Unit-2 after spent 30 days in isolation cell. By that, anyone can understand how serious injuries I had on my body at the 30 days back.
              The legal responsibility for such systematic crime should be bare not only by the members of ESG, those who directly did torture, but also has to be bare by those higher officials of the government administration and the president, those who authorizing, organizing and ordering such crime against the legal rights of prisoners.
               Gather together the view point of the victim of ESG torturing and with my own viewpoint, as one of the victim. I listed out following demands to the consideration of international community, The People’s Majlis of Maldives, Maldivian political parties, Maldivian Human Rights Commission, Maldivian Human Rights NGOs, Maldivian Civil Service Commission and Anti Corruption Board of Maldives  
[ 1].  Establishing an international-Maldivian joined special committee to conduct a thorough investigation on the issue of the new instrument of ESG brutal beating prisoners which has been taken place at the time of near completing the Democratic Reform and human rights enhancement in Maldives. Especially at the time after SPT of UN visited the jail in December 2007 to find out the involvement of highest Maldivian authority in this systematic crime taken place in the jail.
[ 2 ].  Clarification on the legality and power acts of the establishment for the new institution of ESG.
[ 3 ].  Providing chances and way for every victim of ESG torturing to identify out every ESG member who committed crime of torturing prisoner.
[ 4 ].  Taking proper legal action against anyone who should be responsible for the crime of abusing prisoners in authorizing, organizing, ordering and torturing. The solution of redressing the abused rights of the victim should be found through legal process, it should not be driven to the solution of personal revenge.
[ 5 ].  Providing independent medical examination for any victim of ESG torturing who need to find out the real state of their injuries
[ 6 ]. Redressing the rights, damages and suffering of every victim of ESG torturing meeting with human rights standard and in providence of legal assistance for every victim.
[ 7 ].  Reporting the issue of ESG torturing to concerned international human rights organization.
[ 8 ]. Unveiling the issue of ESG torturing to the knowledge of general public of Maldives through media. 
[ 9 ]. Establishing a proper system to protect the legal rights of prisoners. Totally rooting out the condition of such systematic rights abuse can take place in future.
               I call for international community and international media, Maldivian community and Maldivian media to notes the meaning and seriousness of such systematic crime took place at the time near to complete democratic reform and human rights enhancement in Maldives, especially at the time after SPT of UN visited the jail.
               I call for strong condemnation against this brutal act of current government of Maldives.
              I call for everyone who loves to enhance human rights in Maldives to contribute effort and exert all yourselves authority to root out the condition of such systematic rights abuse that can be toke place in future of Maldives.
                                                                            < END >

NOTE:     This Report Is rewritten after it has been take by the force of ESG on 18th February 2008 with some other documents.